MOT-50/MOT-51 MOT-50/MOT-51 MOT-50/MOT-51 MOT-50/MOT-51

Handheld OTDR VLS VFL OPM Cable Tester In One Fiber Tester

Model: MOT-50/MOT-51

● 5.55 inch OLED touch screen, 1280x720 resolution

● OTDR Auto testing, event map, easy to use

● Stable laser source, loss test, OPM and VFL

● Report saved as SOR, PDF format etc

● UTP cable test, cable plug detection

● Network cable length measurement, up to 3km

● RJ45 TDR cable test * (Optional)

● PING test, PPPOE, IP scan, port flashing etc network test * (Optional)

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Features Specifications Connection diagram Download

● 5.55 inch OLED touch screen display, 1280*720 resolution

● 1310/1550/1610wavelength Optional, 26/24dB Dynamic range Optional*, max test range 100KM*

● Stable laser source, support CW/270/330/1000/2000Hz

● Optical power meter and visual fault locator

● Test fiber’s length, loss, attenuation parameters and event map, locate connection point/ fusion point

● Automatic analysis of various linkers/fusion points, easy analyze of various events

● Save and view the testing curves, support zoom and move curves, view details.

● Support saving curves number ≥30000pcs

● Support create testing report, including curve trajectory graphs, parameter settings, fiber event information, and fiber link information. Report saved as EXCEL, PDF, or screenshots format etc

● Loss test, detect the optical or optical components loss value

Cable test:

● Improvement cable tester, UTP cable, telephone cable etc sequence and continuity test, save testing report. Support detect the near-end, mid-end and far-end fault point of the RJ45 cable plug

● RJ45 cable TDR test, test cable pair status and length, max test 600M* (Optional)

● Cable length, BNC cable, network cable, telephone cable, RVV cable, elevator cable, and cat 5/6 cable’s length test. Max measurement for cable’s open is 1.5KM

● 3.7V 4000mA Li-ion Battery, 3.5 hours charging, normal working time lasts 6 hours

Another function:

● PING test, IP scan and Port flashing

● USB 5V 1A power output, as the power bank

● FTP server and online update

● PING test, PPPOE, IP scan, port flashing etc network test * (Optional)

OTDR Technical Specification

Wavelength (nm) Optional *



Dynamic range(dB)2 Optional*



Pulse width (ns)


Testing range

   ≤100 Km

Event blind zone (m)3


Attenuation blind zone (m)3


Linearity (dB/dB)

±0.05 dB/ dB

Loss threshold (dB)


Loss resolution ratio (dB)


Minimum distance resolution


Sampling point(K)


Distance uncertainty (m)

±(1 m + 5×10-5× distance + sampling interval)

Distance scope (km)


Typical real-time refreshing duration


File format

SOR standard format/PDF/EXCEL

Measurement duration

5sec, 10sec, 15sec, 30sec, 1min, 2min, and 3min   are selectable


FLASH (EMMC) + TF card

Interface type



1. The technical   specification describes the ensured performance of the instrument when using   typical PC model connector to measure, without considering the uncertainty   caused by optical fiber refractivity.

2. Dynamic range is the data   measured under the condition of the maximum pulse width and 3 minutes of   average time. Dynamic range is the data measured under the condition of   200km/20000ns/3min.

3. Measuring conditions of   blind zone: reflection event is within 5Km, reflection strength is 45dB.   Measured by the minimum pulse width.

4. TF card not included


MOT-50 / MOT-51

Size & Display

5.55 inch OLED   touch screen, 1280x720 resolution

Power output

5V   1A power output, as power bank.

UTP cable test

Test   UTP cable connection status and display on the screen. Read the number on the   screen. Detect the near-end, mid-end and far-end fault point of RJ45 cable   connector, also can test shield cable

length measurement

Network cable   length measurement, up to 3km

Optical power meter

Wavelength:1625nm,1550nm,1490nm,1310nm,1300nm,850nm,measurement   range ,-70 +6dBm, for optical power testing and Fiber link loss relative   measurement

Visual fault locator

10mW   visual fault locator with 650nm wavelength, emit red laser sources to test   multi-mode and single mode fiber’s bending and breakage, test range 8KM

Stable laser source

Output wavelength



Output power

-5dBm~0dBm adjustable




CW,土0.2dB/15min (Test after boot for 15min)


External power supply

Type-C 5V2A


Built-in 3.7V Lithium ion battery, 4000mAh.


After charging 3 hours, normal working time 6 hours


Operation setting

language: English, Chinese

Auto off

5-30 (mins)

Working environment

Working Temperature


Working Humidity



183mm x 110mm x 36.5mm /0.45kg


Multi-function MOT-50 OTDR is an essential tool for fiber length, network and camera testing. OTDR displays the power of the returned signal related to distance. The information can be used to confirm the transmission quality of a fiber optic link. It is widely used in the maintenance, construction and monitoring of cable line. 

It can measure the optical fiber length, transmission attenuation of optical fiber, attenuation of splice, and failure location, etc. the Multi-function OTDR can make working conditions safer and increasing productivity.

● Fiber length testing and Event Map etc  

● Network cabling project installation and maintenance




Stable laser sources

Optical power meter

Visual fault locator

OTDR Interface type



LAN port


One LAN port

RJ45 TDR cable test


Support cable’s open   and short, Max up to 600 meters

Digital Cable tracer*