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Official website use

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If you do not accept or violate the above agreement, your authorization to use this website will automatically terminate, and you should immediately destroy any downloaded or printed content of this website.



Use of the download software on this website

If you download software from this website, you must abide by all the license terms in the software license agreement that accompanies the software. You may not download or install this software until you have read and accepted the terms of the software license agreement. If the copying or redistribution of the software has been prohibited in the applicable license terms or agreement, you must follow it.



Limit of responsibility

Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd and its suppliers or third parties mentioned on this website are not responsible for any damages (including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of data, indirect losses, incidental losses or business interruptions for any reason). Damage, whether or not caused by the use, or inability to use the results of this website, any website linked to this website, or any information contained in such websites, and whether they are warranted, contractual, infringing or any other legal basis and advice that may have occurred in such damages beforehand. If you use the information on this website to maintain, repair or correct the equipment or data, you are responsible for all costs incurred.


Privacy Policy


Guangzhou Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd attaches great importance to your privacy. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "this Policy") is intended to explain how the company collects, stores, uses and discloses your personal information.


Please read this policy carefully before using the website Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd Co., Ltd. may revise this policy at any time and publish the latest revised policy on this website.


Scope of application


This policy applies to this website and to all websites linked to Wanglu Technology.


The website of Wanglu Technology may link to third party websites. Third parties may collect your personal information, when you use their website or service. Wanglu Technology recommends that you carefully read the privacy policy of third parties.


What information does Wanglu Technology collect?


When you use our website Wanglu Technology will collect your personal information in accordance with this policy, including the personal information you provide and the personal information collected by Wanglu Technology.


Personal information you provide includes, but is not limited to, your name, date of birth, contact address, phone number, email address, language selection, resume, and video content.


Personal information collected by Wanglu Technology Co., Ltd. includes network traffic data such as IP and data collected through cookies, such as number of visits, access time, and user preferences.


How Wanglu Technology Co., Ltd. uses information


Wanglu Technology will use your personal information for the following purposes:


1. Based on the legitimate interests of Wanglu Technology, including but not limited to:


1) Reply to your inquiry;


2) Improve website security, such as user authentication, security protection, fraud detection archiving and backup;


3) Get your job application information;


4) Evaluate your job application;


5) Conduct internal purposes such as auditing, analysis, and customer research.


2. Based on the commitment of Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd. to you, including but not limited to:


1) Provide the services you request;


2) Fulfill the legal obligations of Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd.

3. With your consent:


1) Send you emails, text messages (including commercial text messages), push, etc. to promote or promote the services and products of Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd.


2) Use cookie data to better understand your behavior, improve functional design, optimize user experience, or provide better service to you;


3) Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd may request third parties to provide promotional materials through the services of our company when you visiting the site, third parties may use pixel tags or similar technologies to collect your personal information. At the same time, third parties may use and collect information to push you to the services and product information of Wanglu Technology that you may be interested in.


How Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd discloses information


Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd will not disclose your personal information except in the following cases:


1) Disclosure is subject to your prior consent;


2) In the case of applicable legal requirements or in response to legal proceedings, Wanglu Technology may disclose your personal information to relevant law enforcement agencies or other government agencies.


3) Information must be disclosed when providing services to you;


4) Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd may disclose your personal information in order to protect the legitimate interests of Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd  in good faith that it is required or permitted by law. For example, to support audit, compliance and corporate governance purposes; all or part of the assets of Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd are sold or transferred, and your personal information may be part of the sale or transfer;


5) In order to improve the website of Wanglu Technology to provide you with better service, Wanglu Technology may provide your personal information to third parties.


How Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd stores information


Wanglu Technology will store your personal information when responding to your inquiry or providing services to you.


Unless you have a clear request, or as otherwise provided by laws and regulations, Wanglu Technology will store your job application information for the purposes specified in this policy.


Cookie data


To ensure the proper functioning of the website, Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd may store a data file called Cookie on a computer or mobile device. With the help of cookies, Wanglu Technologys website can store data such as user preferences.


The purpose of enabling cookies by Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd is the same as that of most websites or Internet service providers to enable cookies, which is to improve the user experience. With cookies, websites can remember your single or multiple visits.


Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd does not use cookies for purposes other than those described in this policy. You can manage or delete cookies according to your preferences. You can clear all cookies stored on your computer, and most web browsers have the ability to block cookies. However, if you do this, you will need to change the user settings yourself each time you visit the website of Wanglu Technology.


Your use of Wanglu Technology's website means that you agree to the use of cookies as described above.



About privacy policy


Wanglu Technology may modify these terms at any time. You should visit this page frequently to understand the current terms, as these terms are closely related to you. Certain provisions of these Terms may also be superseded by legal notices or terms specified on certain pages of this website. You should be aware of these contents. By accepting these terms, you are reading and accepting them at the same time. Terms that are quoted or replaced.


How to contact us


If you have any questions about Wanglu Technology’s website practice or this policy, please contact us at


The disputes arising from this announcement or the use of this website shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

Any dispute arising from this announcement or the use of this website shall be settled through negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the parties agree to resolve the case by the court of the Internet.

The right to interpret this announcement and the right to interpret the use of this website belongs to Guangzhou Wanglu Technology Co.,Ltd.